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Richard Dawkins Genius

Or maybe I should say Darwin’s Genius, I just finished reading The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins.

It is amazing.

If you want to read one book in your life, read this one. The English used in the book is quite advanced – some parts feel like your reading an academic paper – but it is definitely worth it. It changes how you see the world around you.

Instead of all individual people with individual and complex characteristics, you start seeing genes and probabilities.  It’s great for engineers! It’s all math. Girls stop being complicated – you know 5/6th of all the girls should want a guy to commit and 1/6th of the girls just want to have sex, because it’s an evolutionary stable strategy!

You can stop being depressed and wondering “what’s the point of this life” – it’s easy: you’re just made to spread your genes. Your a big robot machine made to spread your genes. Yes, make as many babies as possible, but also take care of your kin (at least if they have a high probability of having the same genes). Richard Dawkins explains why some bugs live in colonies, why it would make sense to have one Queen and a lot of working and fighting guys that don’t get laid. (and don’t make any children!) It’s all statistics. It even makes sense to jump like an idiot in front of a predator if your a deer.

Also check out this great TED talk by Dan Dennett (why are babies cute?) about evolution.

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