Dear GoDaddy, it’s not just SOPA, it’s you

These last days we have had the priviledge to watch GoDaddy change it’s position from supporting SOPA, to not supporting SOPA and all the way to opposing SOPA. Somehow they think it will change the general feeling of  “the internet” towards GoDaddy. But in my opinion, it’s not just SOPA. SOPA was just the last drop to give people a good reason to move. It’s their company ethic and their view towards customers.

My personal GoDaddy gone bad story happened a few years ago. I was running a web hosting business and one of my clients their account was hacked – and the hackers putted a phishing website on it. Because that client used a sub domain of my business domain, GoDaddy had no better idea than to put my business domain offline. To get it back online, I had to pay $50 and – of course have the pleasure to deal with their support staff. They did send an email to the whois admin contact of the domain to notify me of the take down. I have to give them that. But calling or even contacting the account email address was to much trouble. (it’s no biggy right, just a bit of revenue lost)

Even after that fiasco I still registered some domains with GoDaddy, they are cheap, easy, it just works, and in some idiotic way their spammy advertisements sometimes work. It’s like that wrong girl you meet in the club, you know you shouldn’t go home with her but you still do if she tries hard enough.

I think everybody has their own personal GoDaddy story, and if you don’t have one yet SOPA can be your first. There are tons of bad posts and experiences to be found online, some don’t like their marketing, some make hate websites and it just keeps going on. Lets not forget their animal killing, women abusing advertisements and 90ies user interface.

If you hear about GoDaddy you think about crap. It’s not _just_ SOPA, it’s GoDaddy. They need to do a whole company turn around if you ask me.